Donnervader is from Donnerstar F (Blu Hors DON SCHUFRO x the well known Stirling Lennelly (LUDENDORF/MONOPOL). Don Schufro has had the number one breeding value estimation in Germany, ranking 9th on the WBFSH list for dressage stallions in 2014. Don Schufro is a Danish Champion, and Olympic bronze team winner in Hong Kong 2008.

Donnerhall is represented on the sire's side - LL Tyranny, ACE Licensed stallion is by Premium Licensed Oldenburger ROYAL HIT (Imp).  

Donnervader has been ACE assessed, with 8s for neck, saddle position, shoulder, frame, topline, hind quarter, hind leg, walk, trot, canter, swing and elasticity, and overall appearance.

Video of Donnervader under saddle and at liberty is available here